Planning a Visit

You might be considering checking out a Sunday morning worship service, but you’re wondering what to expect.

If you need a ride, give us a call ahead of time and we’ll do our best to connect you with another member. If you have accessibility concerns, call ahead for help (705-356-1771).

The Sunday service begins at 10:00am at 5 White Rd. You’ll find most people are dressed casually. You’ll be greeted warmly while you find a seat. The worship team usually opens the service with several choruses and hymns. We enjoy a variety of music styles, so you may hear piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, bass, or drums on any given day, though not all the same time!

Following the singing, children are invited to head out to Nursery. Activity packs are ready at hand for young ones who want to stay with their parents through the service.

There’s usually an opportunity to share prayer requests before the sermon, or these can be written on a piece of paper and placed in the offering plate. And that’s the best use of our offering plate, since we prefer that visitors leave giving to our regular members.

Pastor Rusty’s sermons are Bible-based, practical and interesting. You can expect the entire service to be wrapped up by noon, but don’t be surprised if you are invited to enjoy lunch afterwards! We enjoy eating together once a month during the year and more often during the summer.


Sunday Worship 10:00 am Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study New programs coming this fall – Stay tuned for details!

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